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Veterinary Services, LLC

Cornerstone Veterinary Services, LLC is a bovine veterinary clinic based in Saint Henry, Ohio, but also serves the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New York with the hope to expand even further into the United States.

Cornerstone Veterinary Services was started in December of 2018 by Dr. Amgad Riad when he pursued his dreams of opening his own clinic centered around client relationships and benefiting the client. Dr. Riad believes that every operation needs a cornerstone and decided that his clients would always be his “cornerstone” which is where his practice gained its name. 

Cornerstone thrives to provide the best service and the most intelligent solution for the lowest cost to the client possible because we believe in treating others how we would like to be treated, which is fair.

In the future, Cornerstone Veterinary Services hopes to become nationally known for being a family friendly business focused on making sure that clients are always the “cornerstone” of our operation and to expand by adding more branches in other locations.

The Cornerstone family looks forward to meeting you and serving your veterinary needs! Please contact us with any questions.